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Here you'll find the answers to the questions on most new managers' minds.

Once you have finished registering your team and verified your email, you can start signing the players of your choice. Either you try to be the highest bidder in the auctions on the transfer market or you make a direct offer to other managers for your desired player (magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner).
Since the first ANDEAVA season goes until the end of the group stage, you can still register your team for play before the knockout round.
There are two ways to acquire players:
1) Transfer market: just click on Transfers in the bottom bar and you can bid on all offered players
2) Direct offer: In addition, you have the possibility to send an offer to all managers who own the player via the general search function (See magnifier icon top right).
A total of max. 32 versions of each player will be released ...and none more!
The players you buy, you keep until the end of the World Cup. Or at least until you want to sell them on.

Every day 15 random and previously unreleased versions of players are thrown onto the transfer market. Each newly registered manager triggers 5 more releases.

Log in via your mobile browser. Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to permanently add the app icon to your homescreen.

Once you have logged in with your mobile browser, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option "Add to Home Screen". Tap "Add" to have the ANDEAVA app permanently saved in a free spot on your home screen.

Once you've logged in with your mobile browser, tap the share button - that's the little square with the arrow pointing up - and drag the sharing menu that opens up a bit. Now select the option "Go to home screen" and the ANDEAVA app is permanently saved in a free spot on your home screen.

Should you have an Android phone:
1. Log in to ANDEAVA via in ANDEAVA ein.
2. At the top right, click More. Settings
3. Click Privacy and Security Site Settings. Notifications.
4. Now you can enable or disable push messages

For iPhones, push messages are only available with iOS 16.


All questions and answers dealing with the info section of ANDEAVA.

A matchweek includes all the matches your team can earn points. In most cases, a matchweek corresponds to the official matchday. A matchweek starts with the official kickoff time of the first match and ends 6 hours after the kickoff of the last match. After that, the players in your lineup can be substituted in and out again.


Here are answers to the questions that revolve around the Team section.

The loan players provided by ANDEAVA can only be in your line-up for one matchweek. After that they leave your team again as they are not permanent members of your squad.
The points for your team are based on ANDEAVA’s scorecard, through which the performance of your players in real-life matches is converted into points. If a player is transferred during a matchday and the match of the respective player has not been kicked-off, he may already be lined-up and gather points for his new team according to his performance. If the match of a player in question has already been kicked-off (or ended), the manager who lined-up the player at the time of the kick-off receives the points for the player. performance.
You can already collect points with one player. However, you are more likely to outperform your rivals with more players in your line-up.
ANDEAVA's salary cap ensures that the accumulated transfer fees of your lined-up players are in line with the average transfer fees of the line-ups within the ANDEAVA community. By putting expenses of managers into proportion ANDEAVA's Salary Cap prevents financial excesses, creates transparency and ensures a balanced and fair competition between all managers in the ANDEAVA community.
The salary cap is updated per league every matchweek and is based on the average purchase prices of all lineups in the respective previous matchweek. The more managers have exhausted the salary cap, the more the salary cap increases for the next matchweek (factor 0.5).
For a better understanding:
Matchweek #1: 20% of all managers have reached or came close to the previously valid salary cap (>90%)
Matchweek #2: In contrast to Matchweek 1, the salary cap is increased by 10% (20% x 0.5) 
If the salary cap is exceeded at the end of the respective matchweek, your team will not gather any points for this certain matchweek.
If your player is in your lineup at the official kickoff time of his game, he earns points for you and your team.
A player is greyed out as soon as the official kick-off time has passed. This means that the position is locked and that the affected player cannot be moved until the end of the matchweek.
In ANDEAVA there are no automatic substitutions. You're the manager and solely in charge for the line-up of your team.
You can make changes to your line-up as long as the respective players haven't played in the matchweek.
Our data provider updates the events and statistics of a match up to 6 hours after the kick-off of the respective match.

The market value is a benchmark indicating the average transfer fee a manager has to pay at the moment for an available version of a player.

The market value is calculated from the average price of the successful direct offers and transfers, with more recent transfers being weighted higher.

Unsuccessful direct offers are an exception. If a direct offer that is above the currently valid market value is not accepted by any manager, the market value increases to the value of the direct offer.
An example to better understand:
If version #1 was transferred for €5, #2 for €10, and #3 for €15, he has a market value of €11.66. If a direct offer of €13 is subsequently made - but not accepted by any manager - the market value increases to €13.


Everything you need to know about Transfers can be found here.

If a player is transferred during a matchweek before the official kickoff time, he can already be lined up and earn points for his new team according to his performance. The manager who lined up the player at the official kickoff time will receive the points for the player's performance.
You can cancel your submitted offers as long as your offer is the highest and only submitted offer. As soon as other users placed their offer, you can't cancel your offer any longer.
New players will be integrated into the release mechanism after officially being called up.
Transfer tax is due on each completed transfer. Be aware that ANDEAVA retains 9% of the transfer fee.

Unlimited transfers - including new signings, sales and player releases - can be made at any time as long as your squad hasn't reached 25 members.

No, you can also make direct offers to other managers. To do this, you have to search for your desired player using the magnifier icon (see top right) and then you can make a lucrative offer to the current owners.
To avoid fraud and collusion, managers must bid at least the current market value.


ANDEAVA's league pyramid? How does it work?

With the ANDEAVA season, the World Cup is divided into two phases:
Season #1: Group Stage
Season #2: Knockout Stage
If you are on the top of your league table at the end of an ANDEAVA Season you will be promoted and collect your prize money.
First, the team with the lower lineup value over an ANDEAVA season will advance. In the event of a repeated tie, the team that has held the rostered players longer in the matchweeks over a ANDEAVA season will advance.

A league level determines the competitive level of the competing teams.

A division consists of 7 teams who compete at the same competitive level for a single ANDEAVA season.
The higher the level, the higher the prize money should your team manage promotion. The prize money of your league is updated for each ANDEAVA Season (see LEAGUE).
The teams of your rivals can be viewed at any time. To view an opposing team, simply click on the team name in the league table.


You need adminstrative support? Find it here:

For ANDEAVA, participation is a top priority. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Basti via so we can send you more information., damit wir dir weitere Informationen zukommen lassen können.

You can change your profile details in ACCOUNT (see top left).
You can pay out your balance (minus a service fee of €3 per payout request) in ACCOUNT (see top left).
In the interest of fairness, each person may only register and sign up for one team. If ANDEAVA finds out that you have registered more than one team, all your registered teams will be permanently removed from the competition.
Rumor has it that you can successfully lead your team with just a few minutes a week. However, increased effort won't hurt your chances to win.

ANDEAVA is optimized for mobile devices. We are working on a desktop version and will inform the ANDEAVA community as soon as we can give a launch date.

If you have any further questions, please send them to Basti via

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